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Alcohawk Micro
Code: AH-Mc

Alcohawk Micro Breathalyzer

Please note: This item has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.

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The Alcohawk™ Micro offers an incredible compact breath alcohol screener at an affordable price. The compact design offers easy carrying on a police belt or even on a keychain. The Micro features a folding mouthpiece design and two digit LED display, and contains a highly accurate semi-conductor oxide sensor. The Alcohawk™ Micro also contains an advanced electric exhale pressure monitor to ensure that an accurate breath sample is obtained. All these professional features rolled into a unit this small and portable make it a great choice for professional alcohol screening on the go!

Key Features

Compact Design - The Alcohawk Micro™ was created with ultimate space efficiency and portability in mind, and it is small enough to fit inside a purse or pocket and can be used as a keychain. The Micro contains a folding mouthpiece design to allow for compact storage.

Breath Capture Flexibility - The Alcohawk Micro has a non -contact passive detection feature. This is great for simply screening for the presence of a trace level of alcohol. The unit also contains a foldable mouthpiece design for more accurate screening.

AlcoHawk Micro™ Specification
Dimensions 3.5 x 1.5 x 6cm
Housing Shock resistant, molded plastic
Battery AAA Battery
Battery Life 150 Tests
Sensor Sensitive Semiconductor Sensor
Blowing Time 5 Seconds
Response Time 5 Seconds
Digital Display 2 Digits (.00% B.A.C.)
Operating Temp 10 - 40c
Detection Range .00 - .12% BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration)
Sensor Accuracy +/- 0.01 at 0.02% BAC
Air Sample 5 Second Deep Lung Sample
Calibration DOT Approved Web Bath Simulator
Operation Single Button
Warranty 1 Year