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BACtrack S80 Appears in Spike TV's Bar Rescue

posted by Shawn | 21 June 2015

Spike's hit reality TV show Bar Rescue recently featured a tool many bar owners know well and use regularly--the BACtrack S80.

For those unfamiliar, the show stars Jon Taffer, a long-time food & beverage industry consultant specializing in nightclubs and pubs. As he travels the country offering his professional expertise, he aids failing bars to clean up their act, renovate their facilities, and moderate their staff.

In the following clip, we see Taffer using a piece of police technology to determine how drunk a bar employee is. With the aid of his BACtrack, he's able to accurately quantify her alcohol level--and finds it way over the legal limit--0.21%.

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, your adding nhnoitg to the thread, all you want to do is argue in favour of drinking and driving…I give you lots of leeway, ask any cop about .05 compared to .06That`s a huge difference…..Next thing you will be saying one`s reaction time is better after drinking….Good day


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