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Why a Breathalyzer?

posted by | 29 July 2015

The question comes up fairly regularly when using a breath tester in public. Why would you choose to use a breathalyzer?

A breathalyzer is a valuable purchase to ensure personal safety and the safety of others. An individual may purchase one for self-testing and monitoring to avoid the consequences of driving while intoxicated, or simply for a general understanding of how alcohol affects the body.

Since factors like weight, muscle mass, and recently consumed food or beverages all affect the measurement of person's blood alcohol content (BAC), it's impossible to accurately gauge intoxication level without a measurement tool like a breathalyzer. People are often enlightened when they measure their BAC, particularly on different occasions after the same amount of alcohol is consumed.

Unfortunately, a certain stigma persists around the use of a breathalyzer--thankfully it's becoming more and more rare these days. Certain assumptions are made about a person using a tool such as this, and most of them remain unspoken.

It only takes a moment of usage for these skeptics to be converted, though. Seeing how easy a breathalyzer is to use, it suddenly it dawns on people--this is an incredibly useful tool, not only for keeping informed of your alcohol level, but for surviving the ins and outs of this modern world. 

In response to these unspoken questions, we proudly present this video, courtesy of BACtrack. In it, our favorite breathalyzer manufacturers clearly show how using a breathalyzer not only educates you about your health and your body, but also empowers you to be a more responsible individual.

As stated therein, "you wouldn't drive without knowing how fast you were going, so why drink without a BACtrack?"



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