Can a Breathalyzer Really Remain Accurate for Thousands of Tests?

Yes, it can and here's the proof! This photo was taken of a BACtrack S80 that was sent to BACtrack's Calibration Lab by a customer:

When the technicians ran their standard diagnostic check, the BACtrack was working well, and while it did need calibration service, it registered 2,655 tests over the previous year! That's an average of 8-9 tests per day, everyday, for a whole year.

BACtrack calibration technicians serviced the breathalyzer, re-calibrated it, and sent it back to the customer the very same day.

While this is an unusually high test count, it is proof that a regularly used BACtrack really can remain accurate over very intense testing periods.

BACtrack recommends calibration service once a year, but it is not required. Using your BACtrack regularly will actually help to maintain performance and accuracy, as moisture in the breath helps the performance of the sensor.