Will Cocktails Made With a Diet Mixer Result in a Higher BAC?

Yes, Northern Kentucky University conducted a study breath testing college students after drinking the same amounts of alcohol. The first week they mixed their drinks with regular sodas and second week with diet. The results? Higher Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) readings with diet sodas.

The reason has to do with the difference between real sugar and sugar substitutes and how they affect the way alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream. It turns out that the sugar in regular soda slows down the rate of alcohol absorption, whereas the substitutes do not.

Interestingly, though the subjects may have had different BACs from one week to the next, they reported not feeling any difference. Some may conclude that diet sodas could put people more at risk for drinking and driving. But here at Breathalyzer.net, we believe you should NEVER drive after drinking, even if you are under 0.08%. Only by using a breathalyzer can you check yourself and make sure you are at 0.00% BAC before getting behind the wheel.