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Can a U.S. Citizen be Denied Entry into Canada if They Have a DUI?

posted by Shawn | 27 August 2015

Yes, it is indeed true! Anyone with a DWI/DUI conviction is considered to be "inadmissible" and may denied entrance to Canada. In fact, anyone with a criminal record may be denied entrance into the country.

If at least five years have passed since the original conviction date, a person may become eligible to enter the county by applying for (and receiving approval) for 'individual criminal rehabilitation.’ This option involves an application, a fee and other requirements.

In addition, if at least ten years have passed since the completed conviction sentence date, a person may be deemed rehabilitated and permitted to enter the country.

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Great article Larry. The only thing one can put in one’s mouth to ptlantieloy reduce a breath test result is to rinse one’s mouth with clean water and spit it out a couple times. The could reduce the affects of mouth alcohol and reduce a number on a PAS or other preliminary breath testing device. Other than that, anything put in the mouth will ptlantieloy increase the numeric estimations of those devices.


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