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Forbes Bases Article on BACtrack Data

posted by | 3 March 2015

Forbes published a recent article about the dangers of driving on one of America's favorite Sundays. The piece uses statistics about Super Bowl Sunday from the BACtrack Consumption Report as well as a Uber-sponsored study released by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to warn readers to take care before they get behind the wheel.

"According to BACtrack, which makes smartphone-enabled breathalyzers to monitor blood alcohol content (BAC), its users in 2014 recorded average BAC of .091 percent on Super Bowl Sunday. By comparison, on other big drinking days, BACtrack measured average levels of .094 percent on both New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day weekend, and .09 percent on Cinco de Mayo."

They go on to detail the stats from MADD: "Nearly 300,000 people drive drunk every day,” they write, and “every 52 minutes someone is killed in a drunk driving crash.”

It's a sobering outlook with a clear conclusion: use a BACtrack Breathalyzer and never get behind the wheel unless your BAC is 0.00%.


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After nearly fiteefn years of problematic, very life-threatening, boozing I come across this website today as I celebrate one-year of sobriety. Interesting Issue. I had a six figure occupation, a military and sporty background, outstanding home and family, and just figured I would forever last or get away with my inebriation. And like so many ahead me, I crashed and burned-out. We have to find our bottom or, kick the bucket and many of us do just that. I was once collared a couple years ago functioning, more or less, at a .43 BAC. Bruising from the inside out, back and forth from slammer, I found out my bottom. I did not wake up 1 day thinking to demolish my career and distress the people I love so very very much, but there I was. I’m not for certain that anybody but another alcoholic/addict and God really understands that degree of hell on earth. Today is a good day, even so, a really good day!


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