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BuzzFeed Breathalyzes Celebrities on the Red Carpet With BACtrack

posted by | 15 January 2015

Last week at the Golden Globes, BuzzFeed used a BACtrack S80 Pro on the red carpet to see just how hard Hollywood pre-games.

Check out priceless footage of Kevin Spacey, Jeff Goldblum, Ricky Gervais, Bill Hader, T.J. MIller (Silicon Valley), Allen Leech (Downton Abbey) and others stand up to the BACtrack Breathalyzer Challenge!

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I’m confused. When I recieved my S80 Breathalyzer there was a document included that stated a number of issues. 1, do not use the unit unit 20 minutes after drinking or eating to get an accuate reading. 2 the only items that affect the BAC is weight, time that drinking coffee or eating will not affect the value. Now reading various items herein published seem to counter that statement. what is correct? When I was stopped at a checkstop and was to be tested I asked to wait 20 minutes since I had just consumed a beer. The officer said he did not need to wait and insisted I proceed immediately. I passed but what is right ???


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