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Let This Device Dispel Your Drinking Myths

posted by | 12 February 2014

The Los Angeles Times took the BACtrack Keychain out for a spin recently, finding it instrumental in revealing how erroneous common drinking assumptions can be.

"From driver's training days, I remember some motto--one drink per hour--makes a safe driver. Oh, really? That was the first myth to dispel."

Going to a party and consciously consuming two drinks, then waiting 15 minutes, the writer tested herself--and found the results on the BACtrack Keychain revealing.

"I felt fine. I wasn't swearing or telling inappropriate jokes. No buzz, I thought. Two drinks in two hours--nothing to worry about... As long as I didn't drive, that is. My blood alcohol was 0.08%."

This sentiment is common among first time breathalyzer users--the shock of seeing a discrepancy between how sober the feel vs. how drunk they actually are.

"Even if you don't feel buzzed, seeing the numbers gives you a certain awareness you can't deny," she writes. "Maybe it can make it a little easier to wake your partner after midnight for a ride or perhaps for you to part with a $50 for the cabdriver."

The numbers can be surprising, which is why testing yourself with a breathalyzer, even when you feel "fine" is so important.

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That is a cool gadget. Very usfuel for drivers indeed. A lot of drivers here get arrested with DUI and it takes time to get out from being sued. So for alcholic drivers, this is their solution to check themselves if they are capable to drive or not.


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